The USA Patriot Act – Implications for Cloud Computing

European cloud users are expressing increasing concern over the effect of the USA Patriot Act.  The Act entitles US authorities to access business records stored in the cloud from any company that has “minimum contacts” with the US and “possession, custody or control” of the targeted data.

Dentons has teamed up with German law firm Noerr to produce a white paper detailing the effect of the USA Patriot Act on cloud computing service providers operating in the European Union and Germany.  Please see Dentons’ News Flash for a summary of the key points discussed and a link to the full article. 

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Todd Daubert

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Todd Daubert is a partner in Dentons' Washington, DC, office and chair of the Firm's Communications and Technology sectors. Todd has nearly two decades of experience advising companies that develop, integrate and deploy new technologies in transactional, regulatory, litigation and appellate matters. Leveraging a background in engineering, Todd crafts innovative solutions that help clients, from startups to global players, achieve their strategic objectives and minimize their risks, resulting in improved business results and profitability.

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